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Bankruptcy Form Schedule B Personal Property

Bankruptcy Form Schedule B Personal Property

Schedule B is used to list all of your Personal Property, most of the items that were not previously listed on schedule A. Schedule B Personal Property can be obtained at the following link Free Bankruptcy Forms. List all personal property of the debtor of whatever kind. If the debtor has no property in one or more of the categories,place an “x" in the appropriate position in the column labeled “None." If additional space is needed in any category, attach a separate sheet properly identified with the case name, case number, and the number of the category. If the debtor is married, state whether the husband, wife, both, or the marital community own the property by placing an “H," “W," “J," or “C" in the column labeled “Husband, Wife, Joint, or Community." If the debtor is an individual or a joint petition is filed, state the amount of any exemptions claimed only in Schedule C - Property Claimed as Exempt.

If the property is being held for the debtor by someone else, state that person’s name and address under “Description and Location of Property." If the property is being held for a minor child, simply state the child's initials and the name and address of the child's parent or guardian, such as "A.B., a minor child, by John Doe, guardian." Do not disclose the child's name.

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