Written by attorney Mark Jarrod Bigger

Bakersfield Attorney Fights 22348(b) Violations on Highway 58, the I-5 and Highway 46

You’ve got one of the most heavily penalized violations that exist for speeding. Vehicle Code 22348(b) is where you are ticketed for going over 100 miles per hour. If you are given a ticket for Vehicle Code 22348(b) you are required to make an appearance in court unless you hire an attorney. Furthermore, this is a two point violation that often carries a 30 day suspension of your driving privileges. Vehicle 22348(b) tickets are often given on the wide open stretches of Highway 58 out of Mojave court, Highway 46 out of Shafter court, or I-5 out of Shafter, Lamont, or Taft courthouses. For this type of violation, you simply cannot take your chances going it alone in court. You need an experienced traffic attorney to pull out all the stops, find all the angles, and aggressively fight this ticket.

Attorney Mark Bigger can help, and he offers a free phone consultation.

Attorney Bigger has successfully fought hundreds of tickets for high speed violations in Lamont, Mojave and the surrounding area. He will look carefully for the factual and legal defenses in every situation to effectively weaken the state’s case and enable him to either reduce the violation or obtain dismissal of the ticket altogether.

You can’t afford to have this violation on your record. A two point violation, even without a driving license suspension, could cost you thousands of dollars over a two year period in car insurance according to the State Insurance Commissioner. So call today and see what Attorney Mark Bigger can do for you.

Getting Legal Help

Mark Bigger is committed to giving individuals a voice when dealing with speeding and traffic tickets or DUI charges. Call today at 661-859-1177 or email [email protected] to receive the personal professional attention you deserve.

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