Written by attorney Bill Powers

BAIL & BONDS in North Carolina - NCGS Directory - "A Starting Point" - General Information

Article 26 - Bail. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-531. Definitions. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-532. Persons authorized to determine conditions for release; use of two-way audio and video transmission. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-533. Right to pretrial release in capital and noncapital cases. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-534. Procedure for determining conditions of pretrial release. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-534.1. Crimes of domestic violence; bail and pretrial release. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-534.2. Detention of impaired drivers. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-534.3. Detention for communicable diseases. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-534.4. Sex offenses and crimes of violence against child victims: bail and pretrial release. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-534.5. Detention to protect public health. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-534.6. Bail in cases of manufacture of methamphetamine. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-535. Issuance of policies on pretrial release. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-536. Release after conviction in the superior court. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-537. Persons authorized to effect release. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-538. Modification of order on motion of person detained; substitution of surety. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-539. Modification upon motion of prosecutor. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-540. Surrender of a defendant by a surety; setting new conditions of release. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-541. Persons prohibited from becoming surety. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-542. False qualification by surety. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-543. Penalties for failure to appear. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-544: Repealed by Session Laws 2000-133, s. 4. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-544.1. Forfeiture jurisdiction. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-544.2. Identifying information on bond. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-544.3. Entry of forfeiture. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-544.4. Notice of forfeiture. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-544.5. Setting aside forfeiture. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-544.6. Final judgment of forfeiture. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-544.7. Docketing and enforcement of final judgment of forfeiture. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-544.8. Relief from final judgment of forfeiture. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-545. Reserved for future codification purposes. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-546. Contempt. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-547. Right to habeas corpus. [RTF] [PDF] •§ 15A-547.1. Remit bail bond if defendant sentenced to community or intermediate punishment. [RTF] [PDF] •§§ 15A-547.2 through 15A-547.6. Reserved for future codification purposes. [RTF] [PDF]

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