Written by attorney Michael T Gibson

Bad Faith Insurance: 5 Signs the Insurance Company is Low-Balling Your Claim

There are various types of bad faith insurance practices, but they generally share a common goal: to save the insurance company money.

When an insurance company is not trying to deny your payment outright, or delay the process as long as possible, it may come to you with a “ low-ball" insurance claim offer in the hopes that you’ll be intimidated, desperate, or simply not know better and accept it without first seeking insurance claim help.

Warning Signs of Bad Faith Insurance

These five warning signs should tip you off that the insurance company is trying to keep you from your due compensation:

  1. Settlement offer is made very quickly: An offer that's made immediately after an accident or shortly after the accident usually doesn't account for future expenses. Insurance companies may send these quick offers hoping you'll accept any compensation to take care of your current bills, neglecting to consider future bills and losses.
  2. Failing to provide justification for reduced claim value: Insurance companies who do not provide reason for offering a much lower settlement may be doing so hoping that you will accept whatever they offer.
  3. Changing your policy terms: If you suspect that the insurance company is misrepresenting your policy or has changed the terms without notifying you, refer to previous documentation to determine if a change has taken place without your knowledge.
  4. Not acknowledging your evidence of damages: Failing to acknowledge evidence of hospital bills, medical receipts or damage estimates demonstrating the damages you've incurred could be a sign that the insurance company is trying to reduce claim value.
  5. The company is pressuring you: Insurance agencies are not above intimidation tactics to get you to settle quickly, and for much less than you deserve. If you feel you are being harassed or pressured, seek legal counsel for insurance claim help.

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