Written by attorney Vincent Joseph Pravato

Back Injury Claim: When Back Surgery is Necessary after a Car Accident

If you suffered a back injury in a collision, call a Miami car accident law firm today to see what legal options you may have, such as filing an injury claim.

A back injury is serious no matter how you sustain it, whether from sports, dancing, or picking up your child. Unfortunately, back injuries are also a common consequence of car accidents.

Back Injury, Treatment and Surgery

From herniated and slipped discs to compression fractures and spinal cord damage, the types of back injuries possible in a car wreck are endless. A back injury can cause severe, debilitating pain, keeping you away from work and unable to care for your household and family, and cause much pain and suffering.

There are many treatments that may be prescribed for a back injury following a collision, including massage therapy, chiropractic care, pain medication and more. Unfortunately, these methods do not always work. In some cases, if other forms of treatment aren’t working, a doctor may prescribe surgery to ease the pain of a back injury.

Common types of back surgery include:

  • Spinal fusion – Vertebrae are fused together to restrict motion of the spine and limit nerve stretching. According to WebMD, this is the most common type of back surgery.
  • Laminectomy – Bone, ligaments, or bone spurs are removed from the spine to relieve pressure on nerves.
  • Foraminotomy – Removing part of the vertebrae bones and expanding the places where nerves exit the spine relieves pressure on spinal nerves.
  • Discectomy – For victims who suffered a slipped or bulging disc, part or all of a disc is removed.
  • Disc replacement – Damaged discs in the spine are removed and replaced with artificial ones.

Back surgery is not guaranteed to treat a back injury successfully. Back surgery comes with high risks, including bleeding, infection, blood clotting, heart attack, stroke, adverse reactions to anesthesia, nerve damage and more. Discuss the risks and benefits with your surgeon before deciding to undergo back surgery.

Filing an Injury Claim

Not only is back surgery risky, it also can be expensive. Its costs, coupled with the costs of other treatments you’ve tried, any lost wages you’ve incurred, and damages from the wreck could dig you into a deep financial hole. To recover these costs and more, you should consider filing an injury claim against the at-fault driver of the collision. You could receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. Consult a Miami car accident law firm about your case and find out if you could be due compensation.

Did you suffer a back injury in a wreck? File an injury claim to recoup costs for your medical bills, surgery, and more. Call 305-888-7338 to speak to an attorney at the Miami car accident law firm Wolf & Pravato today.

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