Written by attorney Romy B Jurado

Avoiding Probate in Florida

Although the probate process is generally less costly and time consuming if you have an effective Will ready to be filed upon death, the distribution of your estate will still be supervised by a probate court. Here are some key ways a probate specialist can help you avoid probate.

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There are some disadvantages to holding property jointly. If all of the joint owners die, probate will be required to administer the estate, since there is no one left to automatically receive the assets. Joint ownership also means that any joint owner can sell or convey their interest in the asset being held in common without approval of the other owner or owners. (Creating a tenancy by the entirety for real property is one way to avoid this). A Jurado & Farshchian Probate Attorney can explore the various ways in which you can own assets with your loved ones while avoiding probate.

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