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Avoid DUI on St. Patrick's Day.

Posted by attorney Jason Cerbone

Avoid DUI on St. Patrick's Day. - Don't drink and drive if you are impaired. Don't drive anything, even golf carts. - NEVER admit that you drank any alcohol. - Never perform field sobriety tests. - Never blow into a portable breath test device. - Be quiet. Don't blurt out anything to the cop to try and explain yourself because it will be used against you in court. - Have your license and other documents in hand and offer these to the cop. - Never sit behind the wheel if you are drunk. Don't even sit in the front seat of a car if you are intoxicated. - Blend in with traffic because this makes it harder for the police to detect you than if you are the lone driver. - Don't be a good Samaritan on the way home because random acts of kindness bring the police around a lot. - Stay in your car unless told to get out by the cop. - Sleep in the back seat if you must. Turn off the ignition and put the keys in your pocket. Make sure the car is off the highway. - Breath tests can be wrong when you have recently been around volatile fumes, like lacquer, paint, gasoline, or dry cleaning fluids. Always get a second independent test. - Use the driver's rights cards because it speaks for you to the Savannah Police. - Eat well. - Don't argue with the officer. Give him your documents and say nothing except to respond to his questions. - If you are in an accident, after having drank, don't talk to anyone at the scene about anything. Never take any field sobriety tests. If anyone was hurt or killed, refuse all tests. - Try to record the conversations between you and the cops because the officer's missing or defective warnings can cause test results to be excluded from evidence. - Find a skilled DUI attorney who knows the ropes. You want a DUI trial specialist because he can beat the DUI or he can probably work you a better plea deal.

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