Written by attorney Gerald Michael Oginski

Autopsy Report Says "Died of Natural Causes." Really? New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains

The autopsy report says that your loved one died because of "natural causes." What does that really mean? It typically means but the doctor who examined your loved one stated a basic fact.

The fact was that their heart stopped. That means it was a cardiac arrest. You may see that there was a cardiopulmonary arrest. This simply means that the lungs stopped working.

But the language in an autopsy report is often vague. It often does not explain in detail why the heart or lungs stopped. To understand the reasoning why there was a heart attack or the lungs stopped it is imperative to fully review and evaluate the autopsy record. It's also necessary to review other medical records close in time.

The doctor who performed the autopsy, known as a pathologist, will not tend to incriminate a colleague. In addition, if the autopsy is performed in a hospital where the person died, it is unlikely that the doctor will come right out and say that another doctor who treated you on the sixth floor departed from good and accepted medical practice.

When the autopsy report says "died of natural causes," it does not necessarily mean that the death was natural. It could be a result of improper medical care or it could be some other reason.

Regardless, it's important to understand that the words used in the report not really mean what it says.

Watch the video to learn more.

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