Written by attorney Sreenivasarao Vepachedu

Automated Interview Request (AIR)

The USPTO AIR is a new online interview scheduling tool that allows Applicants to request an interview with an Examiner for their pending patent application.

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REFERENCES AND NOTES (1) Dr. Rao Vepachedu is the Managing Director at Cardinal Risk Management and registered patent attorney with extensive experience in the management of intellectual property and extensive experience in research and teaching. He currently works for Cardinal Intellectual Property (CIP), Cardinal Risk Management (CRM), and Cardinal Law Group (CLG). In addition, he is the president of Vepachedu Educational Foundation Inc. (, a 501(c) (3) educational foundation. For more information visit:;, and Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]: and; (2) Interview Best Practices: (3) Special Requirements For Using Internet Communications: (4) MPEP 502.03 Communications Via Internet Electronic Mail (E-Mail): (5) Video Conferencing and Collaboration:; MPEP 713, Interviews; (6) Interview Specialist:

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