Written by attorney Michael A. Kristof

Auto Insurance Basics- Nevada

All too often, I have to inform clients of the bad news- the person who caused the crash has minimal coverage, and my client's "full coverage" doesn't mean what they think it does. Here are some points to consider regarding both car and health insurance and how they can impact your claim.

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Many people are under the mistaken belief that they have "full coverage." Don't get lulled into believing that just because you were told you have "full coverage" that your insurance will compensate you if you are injured by someone else. With so many people carrying minimum coverage, and the cost of medical care so expensive, $15,000 doesn't go very far in offering you fair compensation. Check your policy to confirm exactly what type of coverage you have. If you don't have the additional coverage discussed in this guide (at least UIM), talk to your insurance agent about having it added. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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