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Auto Accidents - Do you have a case?

Posted by attorney Shawn Alfano

Auto accidents can result in serious injury for the people involved. Even those who survive their ordeal may suffer with permanent injury, including head trauma, spinal cord injury, burns or neck injuries. Auto accidents are not always straightforward. Sometimes, even when liability seems obvious, there are factors to take into consideration. For example, if a person is driving while under the influence of alcohol, the person or establishment that served him the alcohol may also be liable for injury and damage. There may be issues if the person who caused the car accident is underinsured or if the vehicle in question has defective parts. The Law uses a principle called comparative fault (or comparative negligence) to determine compensation for claimants in automobile accidents. This means that if a person is partially at fault in an accident, the amount of damages that person receives is reduced by the amount of the fault. For example, if a motorist is deemed 30 percent at fault in an accident, the damages awarded to that person are then reduced by 30 percent.

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