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Attractice Nuisance: What it really means

Posted by attorney Christopher Zachar

An “ attractive nuisance" is something on a piece of property that attracts children but, because of their age and inability to understand the danger, also jeopardizes their safety. Normal trespassing liability laws imposing no duty on a landowner may not apply when children are involved in an accident, even if they were trespassing. Particularly in Arizona, construction sites seem to appear on every corner. These areas are like magnets for young children, and provide them a whole new dimension of recreational play. However, construction sites also pose many hidden dangers.

The Phoenix child injury lawyers at Zachar Law Firm represent children and the families of injured children by an attractive nuisance.

We have a genuine care and concern for your child’s future, and we dedicate ourselves to fully understanding the nature of your child’s injuries, the present and future needs of your child, and fighting to obtain the maximum compensation to ensure those needs are met.

For additional information about us and the benefits of retaining our child injury law firm, please visit our Firm Overview.

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Experienced Arizona Child Injury and Attractive Nuisance Lawyers

We have handled a wide range of child injury claims, including attractive nuisance claims. Some examples of common attractive nuisances include the following:

  • Construction sites
  • Construction equipment, including heavy equipment that can be started without a key
  • Unfenced or inadequately fenced swimming pools
  • Trenches and open pits
  • Farm equipment
  • Abandoned refrigerators and freezers

We recommend talking with your children about the dangers of these attractive nuisances. Also, if you notice one of these items or something else that may attract your child and pose a danger, that you alert the property owner and take steps to prevent your children from being tempted to go there.

If your child is hurt by something they were attracted to on another’s property, we recommend you contact an experienced child injury lawyer to discuss your situation.

Contact an Experienced Phoenix Attractive Nuisance Accident Lawyer

For additional information about Arizona attractive nuisance laws, the legal process, or to discuss your child’s injuries or attractive nuisance claim with an experienced personal injury attorney, please schedule a free confidential consultation by calling us at 602-494-4800.

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