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Attorney Eric M. Matheny Gets Victorious Results in Multiple Cases

Posted by attorney Eric Matheny

The South Florida criminal defense lawyer recently helped several clients obtain case results that allowed them to avoid or lower the damaging penalties they were facing.

The Law Offices of Eric M. Matheny, P.A. recently received favorable case results for clients in multiple cases, allowing the individuals to have their charges dismissed or reduced. These cases involved a broad spectrum of criminal charges, including those that involved drug offenses, battery and burglary. South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Eric M. Matheny, a former prosecutor, uses the most strategic approaches for protecting his clients’ best interests.

Two of the lawyer’s recent cases involved college students who were arrested while they were on their spring break vacations. The first case involved three students who were visiting Miami during their break. These students were arrested for multiple counts of car burglary, with each defendant facing up to 15 years in prison. Attorney Matheny was able to get all charges dismissed at arraignment after he worked with the intake prosecutor and demonstrated that the defendants did not actually have any intent to commit a crime.

The other spring break case involved an individual who was arrested on Miami Beach for charges of cocaine possession and marijuana possession. This defendant was at risk of spending up to six years in prison and receiving a two-year driver’s license suspension, upon a conviction on either count. The cocaine and marijuana were both found in the client’s hotel room, which law enforcement entered without the client’s consent and without a search warrant. Because the client had a Constitutional expectation of privacy as an overnight guest of the hotel, Attorney Matheny was able to show that this individual’s right had been violated. He provided the intake prosecutor with supporting case law and documentation that back up his argument that the search was unlawful. The prosecutor agreed and dismissed the charges at arraignment.

In another case, Attorney Matheny represented a client who was charged with felony possession of marijuana (of more than 20 grams) and indecent exposure. The defendant was facing six years in state prison and was also at risk of receiving sentence enhancements due to multiple previous felonies. Furthermore, the client’s indecent exposure charge placed the individual at risk of being designated as a sex offender. Mr. Matheny took action on behalf of his client by working in the pre-file stage to show that the defendant’s exposure was accidental and brief, and that the marijuana was not properly weighed by the law enforcement officer. Ultimately, the indecent exposure charge was dismissed and the felony marijuana possession offense was reduced to a misdemeanor.

A senior citizen who was charged with battery also received a positive case resolution with the help of Attorney Matheny. The client in this case was arrested for fighting with another man inside a store, an incident that was captured on the store’s closed-circuit television. This man was at risk of being sentenced to one year in county jail because of his charge. After working with an attorney he was not satisfied with, the man retained Attorney Matheny. Within one day, the lawyer was able to convince the prosecutor that the senior citizen had a viable self-defense claim that could be used in trial. This was considering the fact that the other party was six-foot-five and 17 years younger than the client (who is five-foot-nine). The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case.

Because of his prior experience as a prosecutor, he is highly skilled at identifying the weaknesses in prosecutors’ cases. His background also gives him a better understanding of how to negotiate with prosecutors. These skills enable Attorney Matheny to provide his clients with more effective defense plans. More information about the law firm and its services can be found at

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The Law Offices of Eric M. Matheny, P.A. has a cutting-edge South Florida criminal defense lawyer who serves as a tough legal advocate for individuals in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Attorney Eric M. Matheny formerly served as an Assistant State Attorney for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. This experience has provided him with inside knowledge that is highly beneficial in the handling of criminal defense cases. Mr. Matheny has tired about 50 jury and non-jury trials, and he has been featured through various major media outlets. The Law Offices of Eric M. Matheny handles a wide array of criminal cases, which span from traffic offense cases to murder cases. Obtain additional information about the law firm at

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