Written by attorney Everett Pepper

At the scene of the accident, the police office did not write any tickets, so who was at fault?

Often the officer that arrives on the scene just does not have enough information to write any tickets, and sometimes gets the facts wrong on the accident report. Although the accident report made by the officer certainly helps determine what happened, it is important to remember that the officer showed up after the car wreck occurred and he can only make a report out from his investigation, which may or may not be accurate. Just because no tickets were issued does not mean that you don't have a case.

Our accident attorneys often retain the services of an accident reconstruction expert to help us determine who was at fault. These accident reconstruction experts will often go to the scene where the accident occurred and take photos of the location. They will look for signs of the collision such as skid marks made by the tires, and call tell a lot of information from the length of the skid marks. Other clues like the road condition, the weather, and how much traffic is on the road can all be used by the experts to better determine what really happened. With most newer cars, there is a 'black box' computer that records specifics of what is happening at all times in the car, similar to what an airplane has. Information can be gathered from these 'black boxes' to tell the speed, location, direction of travel, mechanical condition of the vehicle, and a lot of other useful information.

If there are any witnesses at the time of the accident, then their statements should be taken as soon as possible. Only after a complete investigation of the facts surrounding your accident can an expereinced personal injury attorney determine liability.

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