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Association & the Board of Directors

Posted by attorney Barbara Stage

The number of board members is determined by the Declarations, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. There must be a minimum of three by state law (Fla. Stat. 617 or 607); however, the governing documents of the association often provide for a range -- three to five or three to nine, etc. If the documents provide for a minimum of three and some other number as a maximum, the number is increased by a vote. Either the Articles or Bylaws will list the initial number of directors and the document must be amended according to the amendment provisions of the document, meaning it could be either by a board vote or a membership vote. By law, condo board members cannot be paid a salary and cannot enter into contracts between a business owned by the board member and the association unless the membership is notified and, if anyone objects, the membership ratifies the contract by vote. It is slightly different for HOA board members and the new law, enacted July 1, 2010, has been the subject of debate by association lawyers. My take is the literal meaning, which is no board member cannot "receive financial gain." Benefitting from a contract is financial gain as far as I am concerned While the association is required to have an annual meeting and an election (the governing documents will provide the month), if there is no quorum of members present at the annual meeting, the election does not occur and the previous board stays in power or can appoint their replacements. The governing documents provide the number of members necessary for a quorum and if no number is specified it is 30%. This is why it is important for owners to get out and vote!!! Don't complain if you don't participate!!

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