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Arrested for a DUI in San Diego, but How Do You Avoid Getting Convicted?

Each week hundreds of San Diegans get arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges. Upon being released from jail, many want to put the arrest behind them and not think about the incident anymore than necessary. Unfortunately, not taking immediate action in protecting your rights and hiring the best San Diego DUI Attorney you can afford will likely be detrimental to your case's success.

First Thing After Getting Out of Jail

1) Research and contact locally experienced San Diego DUI Attorneys on their individual websites or compare qualificactions on websites such as AVVO. Think if anyone you know can provide you a referral to a well qualified attorney. If possible, meet with your prospective attorney and/or their staff before making your decision on who to hire. With the information you can provide about your arrest, ask the attorney or their staff to explain the usual handlings of similar cases.

1a) Setup Your DMV Administrative Per Se Hearing within 10 calendar days from your arrest

The hearing, itself, is not within 10 days of your arrest, but by setting up the hearing in the future you will likely preserve your privilege to drive pending the outcome of that adminstrative hearing.

Remember: The DUI Attorney you choose could make all the difference in the outcome of your case!

Best of Luck!

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