Written by attorney Jonathan Andrew Paul

Arrested for a DUI in Michigan, but you live in a different state or country

I work with a number of clients each year that are arrested in Michigan for a DUI while on a business trip or visiting friends and family. When you combine alcohol and not being familiar with the roads or where you are going, this creates a situation where it's easy pickings to be pulled over by a police officer - especially late at night.

In Michigan, the police departments are looking for drunk drivers late at night. With less cars on the road, your chances go up of being pulled over, add in darkness, roads you're not familiar with a and motivated cops to pull over drunk drivers, there is a good chance you will be pulled over by violating a traffic law.

Many of these "traffic violations" would not cause a police officer to pull you over at 3 pm, but at 3 am, you will be pulled over. This could be something as innocent as not using a turn signal or a wide turn into the wrong lane; things we sometimes take for granted during the day, they become reasons to be pulled over late at night.

If you've been arrested for a DUI in Michigan, and you're not from the area, you are concerned about travel, going to court, and if a judge will even let you leave the State of Michigan. These are very valid concerns, but let me put you as ease.

If you are arrested for a DUI in Michigan from out of town, we will get you permission to "go home", we will have flexibility in when we go to court, and you will be on top of things by being proactive. We will resolve your case in a way where it's very likely any probation you serve can be while living out of state; a judge is NOT going to force you to leave your family, job and life to serve probation here in Michigan. Yes, it does create some challenges, but it is a manageable situation if you take control of things from day one by being proactive.

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