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Posted by attorney Errol Cook

Domestic Violence

Most individuals accused of domestic violence make the tragic mistake of representing themselves at arraignment. They take time off of work (losing money) and generally wait all day for their case to get called (wasting time). Later they find out the prosecutor hasn't filed the case yet. In some busy courthouses, like the Long Beach Courthouse and Westminster Courthouse, it may take months for your case to be filed. One may later receive a notice to appear in the mail and have to take off another day from work (losing money and causing a problem at their job). When you are finally arraigned, the magistrate may issue a "No Contact" restraining order. It may be a "No Violent Contact" order or a complete "No Contact and stay away" order keeping the defendant from his/her spouse, children and his place of residence. Now you may need to find some place else to live.

This is a scenario where the help of an experienced attorney is critical.

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