Written by attorney Jeremy S Geigle

Armed Robbery in Arizona

Armed robbery is taken very seriously in the state of Arizona, as it is a class 2 felony and can carry a prison sentence of 7 to 21 years. Armed robbery differs from robbery in the fact that the perpetrator is confronting the victim with a deadly weapon. Below is the Arizona definition of armed robbery.

A.R.S.§** 13-1904 Armed Robbery**

A. A person commits armed robbery if, in the course of committing robbery as defined in section 13-1902, such person or an accomplice:

  1. Is armed with a deadly weapon or a simulated deadly weapon, or
  2. Uses or threatens to use a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument or a simulated deadly weapon.

B. Armed robbery is a class 2 felony.

An armed robbery conviction can have severe consequences on your freedom and your future.

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