Written by attorney Ryan Hardy

Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure- Rule 6

Did you know in Arizona you can request to change a judge? Well, you can. Under Rule 6 of Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure it states, "All notices and requests for change of judge shall be made in accordance with Rule 42(f), Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure. The filing of one or more post-decree or post-judgment petitions does not entitle any party to an additional notice of change or court commisioner."

Keep in mind- you can notice off a judge, but you need to do it in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure. First, you need to file a Notice of Change of Judge with the court. The notice must also be timely. You must give the Court a reasonable amount of time to make the change. There are specific rules for different situation, which can be found at the link below. Typically, you can only change the judge once, but occasionally more changes are allowed. So, essentially, if you get a judge's name, and you get that queasy feeling that the assigned judge will give you an unfavorable ruling- you might as well just follow your gut, and get a judge change.

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