Written by attorney Jeremy S Geigle

Arizona Law: 'Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation'

According to ARS 13-3554, an individual can be accused of ‘luring a minor for sexual exploitation’ charges if he or she:

  • Offers or solicits sexual conduct with another individual while knowing or under the belief that the other person is a minor (under 18-years-old).

Furthermore, this statute emphasizes the fact that even if the ‘victim’ involved the case was actually an undercover police officer merely posing as a child in an Internet chat room, the defendant can still face charges. The defendant cannot use this type of reasoning to combat accusations of luring for sexual exploitation in court.

Due to the rise in internet chat room use, many innocent individuals may find themselves wrongfully accused of ‘luring a minor for sexual exploitation’ in Arizona. When a defendant believes that the charges against them are false, they need to consult with an attorney right away. The best type of attorney to talk to is a Phoenix sex crimes attorney with years of experience and a reputable track record.

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