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Arizona DUI Conviction Consequences

When a person is convicted of a DUI in Arizona, the conviction can go on their driving record. Aside from having the conviction on their permanent record, defendants found guilty of a DUI may also have jail or prison time included as part of their sentence. However, the length of jail or prison time that a defendant might receive as part of their punishment for a DUI depends on a variety of circumstances, such as:

  • prior convictions; - history of driving under the influence; - BAC level; - the prosecutor and judge involved in the case; - whether or not there was a child in the defendant’s car at the time of their arrest; and - whether or not there was an accident, collision, injury or death involved.

These circumstances can influence a judge to increase or lessen the severity of a defendant’s sentence for an AZ DUI offense. It is important for defendants to retain a Phoenix DUI attorney who understands how to negotiate with the prosecution to limit the negative repercussions.

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