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Arizona Child Support Agreements

Posted by attorney Timothy Durkin

It’s not easy to find the ‘magic’ dollar amount of child support that makes both divorcing spouses happy. In most Arizona divorce cases, the parent with primary child custody feels short-changed on child support payments. At the other end of the spectrum, it is common for the noncustodial parent to feel as though they are constantly being hounded for more and more money. This constant struggle can lead to feelings of resentment and anger – two emotions that can prevent spouses from achieving the fresh start that they deserve.

To try and eliminate as much conflict over child support payments as possible, it’s important for divorcing spouses to first understand the different elements that go into Arizona child support arrangements, such as:

  • The child’s necessities;

  • The capacity of each parent to pay child support;

  • The ability and earnings of each parent; and

  • The time that each parent spends with the child.

When each of these factors is thoroughly assessed by a Phoenix family law attorney, spouses can find it much easier to stick to the terms of their child support agreement. Divorcing spouses that cannot come up with a child support arrangement on their own will be forced to let a judge make the decision for them. This can lead to more conflict and stress down the road if one parent does not follow through on their end of the deal. Furthermore, parties to a divorce are much more likely to stick to the terms of their child support payments when they are involved in the decision making process. By utilizing the services of a Phoenix divorce mediation attorney or a Phoenix family law attorney with child support agreement experience, divorcing spouses can lessen the burdens associate with the dissolution process.

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