Written by attorney Jeff Adrian Biddle

Arizona Chapter 13 Trustee Expense Guidelines

Ever wonder how much money the trustee would allow you for food in your Chapter 13 case? Obviously, few of us keep track of every penny spent on food in an average month. Thankfully, the Chapter 13 trustees in Arizona have given us the following guidelines:


These expense guidelines are for cases assigned to Russell Brown and Edward Maney. These expense amounts are what the trustees generally consider reasonable and for completing Schedule J, not for completing the Form B22C. Do not put expenses on Schedule J for debts that are included in the Chapter 13 plan payment. Generally, the Trustees will object to direct payment of most debts secured by personal property.

Schedule J Categories

Mortgage/Rent - Maximum of 35% of gross income


a. Electricity $275

b. Water and sewer $72

c. Telephone $65

d. Other (e.g. gas) $95

Home Maintenance (if own home) - $100

Food$301 single person or head of household

$528 joint debtors

(plus $210/each additional person)

Clothing- $65 per person

Laundry and dry cleaning $20 per case

Medical and dental expenses - Actual expenses on a case by case basis

Transportation$300 per vehicle or $75 for public transportation

Recreation, clubs, entertainment, newspapers, magazines, and personal care products and services $132 single debtor or head of household $200 joint debtors or family

Charitable contributions - Actual <= 15% to be verified

Insurance (not deducted from wages or included in home mortgage payments)

a. Homeowner or renter - Actual expense

b. Life - Case by case

c. Health - Case by case

d. Auto - Case by case

e. Other - Case by case

Taxes (not already deducted from wages orincluded in home mortgage payments) - Actual liability

Installment or lease payments

a. Auto - $522 per vehicle for debtor and spouse

b. Other personal property - Actual, reasonable & necessary expenses

Alimony, maintenance, or support paid to others - Per court order

Payments for support of additional dependents not living at home- Per court orde

Regular expenses from operation of business, ????

Miscellaneous expenses, including cell- $120

401(k) contributions§ 541(b)(7)(B)

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