Written by attorney Christopher H. Ariano

Arizona Bankruptcy Pro Se Debtor: What Forms Do I Need To File Bankruptcy

Thinking about filing bankruptcy without a lawyer? Wondering what your bankruptcy lawyer is doing that is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars? You are not alone.

While some of my bankruptcy clients want nothing to do with their bankruptcy case, a pretty good number are actually interested in the details. As a bankruptcy attorney, this makes be happy. See, I believe that interested clients are informed clients....and informed clients are happy clients.

This post is for those Phoenix bankruptcy debtors interested in what their bankruptcy petition entails. It is also for those brave (or perhaps a little off their rocker, you decide) souls that are attempting to file their bankruptcy petition as a pro se debtor (i.e. without an attorney). Finally, it is also for those slightly disgruntled bankruptcy debtors that believe their attorneys are making far too much money.

Below you will find the propper forms required to file bankruptcy, as provided by the US Courts Website. While not all are applicable to every case, they are pretty darn extensive. For all those insomniacs out there, they happen to make a pretty good sleep aid as well.

Official Bankruptcy Forms must be used to file and take action in bankruptcy cases. Procedural Forms also may be necessary for use during the course of some bankruptcy proceedings.

B 1 Voluntary Petition (4/10) Exhibit "A" (9/97) "C" (9/01) "D" (12/09) B 2 Declaration under Penalty of Perjury on Behalf of a Corporation or Partnership B 3A Application and Order to Pay Filing Fee in Installments (12/07) B 3B Application for Waiver of Chapter 7 Filing Fee (12/07) B 4 List of Creditors Holding 20 Largest Unsecured Claims (12/07) B 5 Involuntary Petition (12/07) B6 Cover Sheet for Schedules (12/07) B6 Summary of Schedules (Includes Statistical Summary of Certain Liabilities)(12/07) B 6A Schedule A - Real Property (12/07) B 6B Schedule B - Personal Property (12/07) B 6C Schedule C - Property Claimed as Exempt (4/10) B 6D Schedule D - Creditors Holding Secured Claims (12/07) B 6E Schedule E - Creditors Holding Unsecured Priority Claims (4/10) B 6F Schedule F - Creditors Holding Unsecured Nonpriority Claims (12/07) B 6G Schedule G - Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases (12/07) B 6H Schedule H - Codebtors (12/07)Instructions B 6I Schedule I - Current Income of Individual Debtor(s) (12/07)Instructions B 6J Schedule J- Current Expenditures of Individual Debtor(s) (12/07)Instructions B 6 Declaration Concerning Debtor's Schedules (12/07)Instructions B 7 Statement of Financial Affairs (4/10) B 8 Chapter 7 Individual Debtor's Statement of Intention (12/08) B 9 Notice of Commencement of Case under the Bankruptcy Code, Meeting of Creditors, and Deadlines (09/97) B 9A Chapter 7 Individual or Joint Debtor No Asset Case (12/10) B 9B Chapter 7 Corporation/Partnership No Asset Case (12/07) B 9C Chapter 7 Individual or Joint Debtor Asset Case (12/10) B 9D Chapter 7 Corporation/Partnership Asset Case (12/07)

You know that giant stack of paperwork you turned over to your bankruptcy lawyer? The 6 months of pay stubs, the tax returns, the divorce decrees, the bank statements? The reason your bankruptcy attorney requested those documents was not to make our life difficult (I am not that mean).

These documents are required to properly complete the above forms. And, it just so happens, the above forms are required to properly complete your chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy petition. Now do you understand why my staff is so persistent?

Nevertheless, I hope this post is a valuable resource for you. I will save any further discussions on "how to file bankruptcy" or "filing bankruptcy without an attorney, as a pro se debtor" for another day.


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