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Ann Groninger on the importance of using an attorney for your bicycle case

Posted by attorney Ann Groninger

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I think one of the areas where we can be the most helpful is helping people understand what their rights are. A lot of people call and think that an insurance company will pay them for their medical expenses and that it's it, and a lot of them have health insurance and they wonder why they need an attorney to help them collect money that their health insurance would be paying. What a lot of people do not understand is they are entitled to more than that, and I think what people come to realize after a month or two or some period of time of dealing with injuries from their wreck is that there is really a lot more to what they have been through than just payment of medical expenses. In any personal injury case, particularly in bicycle cases, people are entitled to not only recoupment of their medical expenses but also what we call pain and suffering, but it is not just the physical pain, but it is the things that you cannot do and the things that you miss out on, and those things become very important over time.

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