Written by attorney Jonathan Andrew Paul

Ann Arbor Open Container Ticket - 15th District Court Lawyer Open Intoxicant

5 Steps to Take Immediately After Receiving a Tailgate Offense 1. Take a deep breath; there is nothing you can do in the moment, go enjoy the game or the rest of your night; if its late, go to bed. If you wish to take touch with an attorney, send me an email [email protected] or text/call me 248-924-9458. You can send me a copy of the ticket; get that off your plate. If you're a family member of the person ticketed, please email and call me, we will get a copy of the ticket later in the day.

  1. Once you regroup that evening or the next day, you will see a text reply or email reply letting you know that your case is manageable and everything is going to be OK. You are where 100's of my clients have been in the past, and every single one of them had a favorable result if they followed my plan. We will discuss next steps to work together.

  2. In the coming days, once we are working together, I will give you a few proactive steps to take on your own time to improve your case, and help me help you figure out a great outcome.

  3. Our goal is to keep you from having a criminal record; that is a possible; it's also possible to have you excused from court, or to join court via zoom.

  4. This case does not need to have long-term consequences on your life; you're successful, and having a criminal record over an isolated moment in time is not equitable. Believe in common sense; lean in on telling your story; this case will not define you.

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