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And then the light bulb came on…

Posted by attorney Seth Rosenberg

Dubbed Milwaukee’s “Light Hero," a coveted title in the city of Milwaukee I assure you, Emory Booker purported to aid indigent clients who needed to stave off Wisconsin Energy bills and keep their electricity by filing for bankruptcy. The court found that Booker had intentionally misled and overcharged unsophisticated, vulnerable clients.

Although several clients testified that he insinuated that he would handle their bankruptcies, Booker contended that he was merely conducting a “suitability analysis" to determine whether or not the clients should file for bankruptcy.

Booker charged over 140 clients $200-$450 to “analyze" whether they should file, sent the paperwork to a petition preparer, then told the clients they must represent themselves pro se (most of whom didn’t even understand what this meant). Beyond misleading clients and overcharging, allegedly he would sometimes interview multiple clients en mass in one sitting – a clear violation of the professional code of ethics.

The judge sanctioned Booker with a $5K fine and ordered him to repay his former clients over $7,500. Furthermore, his license is suspended for 4 months, when it was determined he should seek further legal education. Ouch.

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