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An Interview with Timothy B. McCormack About The Practice of Law and Strategy Regarding Intellectual

Posted by attorney Timothy Mccormack

An interview by Dan Kennedy with Seattle attorney Timothy B. McCormack, founder of McCormack Intellectual Property LawPS About The Practice of Law and Strategy Regarding Intellectual Property

Dan Kennedy - Tim, you deal with a variety of clients. What is it that they all have in common?

Timothy B. McCormack - They all are looking for expertise and value. In the economic down turn, we have actually seen an increase in business because we provided value and expertise. Of course, I do Intellectual Property and almost everybody comes to me for that. They have some kind of intangible issue they are dealing with. Whether it is copyrights, patents, he trademarks, the trade secrets or the unfair completion.

Dan Kennedy - Ok, so one part of what you do must involve being really proactive in behalf of your clients, right?

Timothy B. McCormack - Absolutely, in a sense Intellectual Property, the law in general can be thought of as a sword and shield. In some way it can be used defensively, in other way it can be used offensively. In Intellectual Property if I got a product or a service and I’m trying to protect it in behalf of a client I like to put extra arrows in my quiver, so that when that pirate comes along or when that rip off artist comes along we got extra weaponry. If you are willing to put them down, that part of being proactive.

Dan Kennedy - Interesting, talk to us about being defensive.

Timothy B. McCormack - I like to take a case particularly on the defensive side that I really believe in. Part of doing defensive work is trying to figure out what a win is. If your client is guilty, a win is mina gating, the damages, limiting the liability.

Dan Kennedy - Of your doing work with the people, what is it that you enjoy about your clients?

Timothy B. McCormack - My favorite client is when we get the combination of business person and dreamer. You know you can take your dreams and you can put it into a business plan and roll it out to the world, that’s what changes the world.

Dan Kennedy - So I see what you like about your clients, what do they like about you?

Timothy B. McCormack - Well, I think my clients like about me is that I am good at what I do, I love to win, and I think it also I like most business owners. I understand what they are trying to do from a business prospective.

Dan Kennedy - I’m sure you’re right. My final question is this, Tim, how do you do what you do differently from other attorneys?

Timothy B. McCormack - Apart what sets us apart from other attorney is the way we work with our clients. We create a team environment and a team effort. The client is an expert in what they do, their product, their business, and their dream. We are an expert in Intellectual Property in Business Law. When we can combine the client expertise, knowledge, and passion and our expertise, knowledge, and passion, he results are amazing.

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Mr. McCormack represents artists, photographers and companies like Getty Images and Gallery Stock. Timothy B. McCormack also has an online book and video series called “Trade Trade Secrets of Intellectual Property” or “Don’t Copy This*” that helps to unlock the trade secrets of intellectual Property law, including copyrights, patents, trademark and trade secrets.

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