Written by attorney John Joseph Uustal

Ambulance Chasers Suck: Part Two

Continued from Ambulance Chasers Suck: Part One

Why Do Ambulance Chasers Target You?

Because they get away with it. And many times they get away with it because victims choose the wrong lawyers.

The wrong lawyer will spend very little time and money on your case, and cannot protect you. The wrong lawyer handles too many cases and settles them for far too little. The wrong lawyer makes money because he handles so many cases. The right lawyer couldn’t possibly handle so many cases because each case – when handled correctly – takes a great deal of time and money. An ambulance chaser invests only a small amount of time and money into each case, so it doesn’t matter to the ambulance chaser that each individual client gets so little. When you add up the small settlement amounts of the many clients, the ambulance chaser makes plenty of money, while the injured clients get a fraction of what they should have received.

It’s easy to get an ambulance chaser for a lawyer because an ambulance chaser makes it easy. They find you. It’s not so easy to find a real trial attorney. A real trial attorney will fight the insurance companies and massive corporations that want to take advantage of you. A real trial attorney will spend the time and money that it takes to protect you. A real trial attorney acts as a great equalizer against the incredible power of massive modern day corporations. And that’s exactly what you need - a great equalizer.

But because a real trial attorney spends so much time and money on each case, that lawyer can only handle so many cases. That kind of lawyer turns away the vast majority of people who come for help because there are only so many hours in the day.

That’s why so many people end up with ambulance chasers for lawyers. Ambulance chasers target you, but the real trial attorneys do not. They already have enough work, and cannot possibly handle all the calls they get. You’re going to have to do some work if you want to find a great equalizer.

What to Expect from a Real Trial Attorney

Back in the 1800s, when the railroad company detectives invented ambulance chasing with guns and cash, a man named Samuel Colt invented the Colt Revolver. Before the Colt Revolver, guns like the muzzle-loaded musket were awkward and difficult, hard to load and hard to shoot. It took strength and talent and skill to fire a gun – which many people didn’t have. But the Colt Revolver could be loaded and fired by anyone. In the Declaration of Independence it says that all men are created equal, but after the Colt Revolver, Americans began to say: "God created man, but the Colt Revolver made ‘em equal." They called the Colt Revolver the Great Equalizer because any man or woman who held one - no matter how physically strong or weak - was equal to anyone else.

When facing the incredible power of the massive modern day corporation, an injured victim needs a "Colt Revolver" - a real trial attorney who can stand up to that power, who has the time and money and experience to be a great equalizer.

You can expect a real trial attorney to:

  • Preserve and document all physical and medical evidence
  • Analyze the evidence
  • Attempt to identify the root causes of the injuries, damage or fraud
  • Hire scientists, engineers, and physicians to help investigate and prove the case

As discussed in the last section, proper representation takes a great deal of the lawyer’s time. Many cases require the lawyer to dig through thousands or even tens of thousands of pages of documents, to take dozens of depositions of witnesses and defendant employees, to interview witnesses and talk to experts, to fly around the country conducting crash tests and accident recreations. You should expect your lawyer to spend time on your case.

Proper representation takes talent and experience. You should only hire a seasoned courtroom lawyer who has tried many jury cases already.

Proper representation also costs a great deal of money. Lawyers must hire and pay for experts and court reporters and accident reconstructions and (depending on the case) crash tests and reconstructions. You should only hire a firm that has the resources to spend the necessary money on your case.

In the last section we will explain how to go about finding a real trial attorney. It’s not easy. It will take some time, effort, and digging. While ambulance chasers are chasing you, real trial attorneys are not. You’re going to have to find them. Attorneys who can stand up to the massive power of modern day corporations generally have stellar reputations. They get far more calls than they can handle. Doing it right means spending so much time and money on each case that there is a limit to how many cases these attorneys will take. And because they get so many calls, they are forced to turn away most of the people seeking their help.

Continue reading Ambulance Chasers Suck: Part Three for more information on how ambulance chasers operate.

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