Written by attorney John Joseph Uustal

Ambulance Chasers Suck: Part One


Don’t read any further.

If it’s already too late for you - if you’ve already been scammed by an ambulance chasing lawyer - then don’t read any further. If you had a lawyer who chased ambulances to get clients, and if your case is over, then learning the whole truth will make you sick. And for what? The damage is done.

If you were lucky, the damage was just financial. If you were unlucky, then you were left with a permanent injury, no job, massive medical bills, and no way to get the kind of medical care that will get you back on your feet. But either way, the damage is done.

Bookmark this page. Close this website. And save it.

Save it until someone you love (or even someone you barely know) needs a lawyer. Then pull it out and send it as a gift. A gift that will save someone else the heartache, the hassle, and the financial losses that go along with hiring an ambulance chaser for a lawyer.

Your gift may just save a life.

Because with truly catastrophic injuries, the victim may die without expensive medical care. And that victim may not get that medical care even if there is insurance to pay for it and even if some insanely wealthy corporation caused the injury. The massive corporations and insurance companies that are responsible have enormous war chests and crackerjack legal teams dedicated to making sure they pay almost nothing.

The only hope is a real trial attorney. While the ambulance chaser sells out the client for easy money, the trial attorney has the skill (and the money) to stand against the massive corporation, walk into a courtroom and seize justice for his client.

If it’s not too late for you, then keep on reading.

If it is, then I apologize on behalf of my profession. Close this website. And save it. Until the time is right.


This guide is meant to help you select a lawyer. If you have been victimized, you need a lawyer to protect you. If you are catastrophically injured, choosing the right lawyer may be the most important decision you ever make – a matter of life and death.

After reading this, you will know what "ambulance chasers" are, why ambulance chasers suck, and how to protect yourself. You will know how to find a real trial attorney, and learn what you should expect from your attorney.


"Ambulance chaser" is a slang term for a lawyer who is willing to do whatever it takes to get a client – he’ll even chase ambulances carrying injured victims. And while an attorney may not actually follow you into the hospital, ambulance chasers are real. The wrong lawyers - the ambulance chasers - will target you from the moment you get injured, just when you are most vulnerable. They will seek you out. They will target you through television, through radio, through doctors and chiropractors, through nurses, and through a vast network of agents who will benefit from your tragedy.

Where Ambulance Chasers Target You

  • TV & Radio
  • Billboard
  • Taxi cab
  • Yellow Pages
  • Bus Bench

You must take the time to hire the right attorney - one who will protect you and your family. Insurance companies and massive corporations have attorneys hired to protect their interests. Without a real trial attorney, you will be victimized again. Big corporations dump toxic waste in rivers, big corporations hide defects in their products, and big corporations defraud customers with hidden charges. Insurance companies offer unfair settlements for hurricane damage. Insurance companies offer unfair settlements for automobile collisions, and insurance companies delay payments for months or years while desperate victims get nothing.

Continue reading Ambulance Chasers Suck: Part Two for more information, including what to expect from a real trial attorney, how ambulance chasing works, and stories from the front line.

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