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Alaska Notice of Completion Affects Contractor Lien Deadlines

Posted by attorney Clayton Walker

Contractors need to Watch Our for: The Notice of Completion. (Alaska Stat. 34.35.071)

a. The owner should give at least five days notice to claimants that have given a notice of right to lien or stop-lending notice to the owner and at least ten days notice to the lender.

b. The notice must be signed and verified by the owner and state:

(1) the date of completion;

(2) the name and address of the owner;

(3) the nature of the interest or estate of the owner;

(4) the legal description of the property sufficient for identification; and

(5) the name of the general contractor.

c. Notices of completion before actual completion have no effect.

d. Services provided after the notice of completion is recorded, if for warranty obligations, remedy of defective or unsatisfactory construction, alteration or repairs for which no additional consideration is owed, do not give rise to lien rights.

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