Written by attorney John Michael Phillips

Alabama Statutes of Limitation - Civil Cases

Alabama Statute of limitations

Any capital offense:No Limit.


6 years, or 10 years if under seal.


no limit

Drug traffickingno limitForgery (felony)no limitFraud:

2 years from when the fraud was or reasonably should have been discovered.

Injury to personal property:6 yearsIntentional Torts:2 years

Libel / Slander / Defamation:

2 years

Medical Malpractice Actions:

2 years after date giving rise to injury, or within six months of the date the injury should have been discovered. In no event may a suit be filed more than four years after the date of the act giving rise to the injury occurred. This limitations period applies to minors over four years of age. However, in the case of a minor under four years of age, that minor has until his or her eighth birthday to file a medical malpractice action.

Open accounts for debt collections:3 yearsPersonal Injury Actions:2 years from the date of injury.Products Liability Actions:

Within 1 year of the date the injury occurred. Or if the injury is not discovered right away, the plaintiff has within 1 year the injury is, or should have been discovered, to file a law suit.

Rape:No limit.Rules for Minors:

Limitation period begins to run on the minors 19th birthday, except in cases of medical malpractice or wrongful death.

Wrongful Death:2 years

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