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Alabama Foreclosure - Overview of Five Common Mistakes When Sued For Ejectment

Posted by attorney John Watts

After a foreclosure in Alabama, if you do not move out of your home then the mortgage company will sue you to eject (or evict) you from your home.

In this video I discuss the five most common mistakes we see Alabama consumers make:

1.Not answering the ejectment lawsuit; 2.Assuming since the foreclosure has already occurred that there is nothing you can do; 3.Assuming the company doing the foreclosure had the right to do so; 4.Assuming the foreclosure process was proper and valid; and 5.Not filing a counterclaim.

If you would like our book on these mistakes, and you live in Alabama, you can sign up for it at no charge here -\_overview\_of\_five\_most\_co.html

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John Watts

Birmingham, Alabama

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