Written by attorney Stephen Robert Schultz

Advice from a tractor-trailer accident injury lawyer on how to obtain a fair settlement

Tractor-trailer accidents often cause serious injury or death to other motorists. These 18-wheelers wiegh in excess of 80,000 pounds and can literally crush a small passenger car into something that is no longer recongizable. Truck crash claims are also the most complicated of all legal areas involving a motor vehicle. Truck drivers and trucking companies are obligated to follow very strict federal safety regulatiosn that govern the commercial trucking industry. These regulations consist of hundres of subparts involving driver qualifications, maintenance, freight handling, hours of service, driving habits, medical qualifications, and many, many others. If you are injured in an accident involving a commercial motor vehicle, it is critical that you contact a Missouri injury lawyer that has vast experience in tractor-trailer injury litigation.

Trucking companies and thieir drivers also have to obeserve and obey many Missouri state statutes and laws that govern commerical trucking throughout this state. Those laws compliment the federal safety regulations, and together, these rules and regulations are designed to keep motorists in Missouri safe from catastrophic truck crashes. When a truck accident in Missouri does happen, insurance companies that represent the truck driver and truck company immediately "circle the wagons" to protect the company from liability. This includes dispatching immediate response teams (IRTs) to the scene to obtain evidence. In some cases, the IRT will download data from the tractor-trailer electronic control module (ECM). That is also why it is crucial to contact a Missouri tractor-trailer accident injury lawyer immidiately, so that your lawyer can subpeona this evidence before the truck company and/or its insurance carrier has a chance to alter evidence or 'lose' data that is relevant to your injury claim.

Compensation for an 18-wheeler accident can vary depending on the liability and damages involved. For an 18-wheeler crash involving serious injuries, the victim may require a future needs assesment by a life-care planner, in order to obtain adequate compensation for financial security in the future. For a Missouri fatal tractor-trailer crash, the surviving families members, especially those dependent on a bread-winner, must be financially protected for a future without that source of support. For Missouri tractor-trailer brain injury claims, a neurologist, neurosurgeon, and life-care planner must be called upon by your attorney to testify as to the extent of future medical care that will be necessary to take care of a catastrophic brain injury.

Tractor-trailer accidents happen for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it is not the truck driver's fault, but that of a reckless or inattentive driver of a passenger car. However, some truck drivers and trucking companies are to blame for truck accidents in Missouri. Whether it be a tractor-trailer bad brakes accident, or a fatigued truck driver or sleepy truck driver accident, or a truck driver driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or just plain inattention or using a cell phone, these accidents can cause serious injuries or death.

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