Written by attorney Ryan Hardy

Adult Adoption in Arizona


Is it possible to adopt someone who is already an adult in Arizona? This situation is possible, but only under a few circumstances. Otherwise, a guardianship would be the way to go.

in order to accomplish an adult adoption, the adult must be at least 18 years old, but must be less than 21 years old. Typically, an agreement of adoption is made and the adoption would have to be approved by a decree before the Court. The adoption can take place in either the county of the person adopting or the person to be adopted.


The agreement should be made in writing and the parties would need to agree to assume toward each other the legal relation of parent and child.

If the adopting person is married, the person's spouse would have to give consent. However, consent of the natural parent or parents is not required in an adult adoption.

A hearing would be held on the matter. Any interested person in the matter may appear and object to the adoption.

If the court determines the adoption will be for the best interests of the parties and in the public interest, the court shall approve the agreement of adoption.

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