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Adjusting to New Paradigms ‐ Checking In & Keeping Money Local

Posted by attorney Edward Kotkin

Here's a link to my PowerPoint presentation, delivered 7/12/12, to the National Bureau of Business Licensing Officials (NBBLO) at their Annual Conference for 2012.

PowerPoint to NBBLO

The NBBLO was established in 1983 by former city attorneys, Paul Morris and Mark Arnold, of the Salt Lake City area. Their goal was to provide an educational forum for the interchange of relevant legal cases, efficiency tips and tricks, proven methods for revenue enhancement and other pertinent information. Our group supports state, county and local jurisdictions. We offer education of benefit to attorneys, accountants, administration, city clerks, licensing officials, and code enforcement officials. The NBBLO website offers members easy access to relevant information.

The NBBLO website can be accessed via the following link:

NBBLO Website

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