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Accident Liability in Side Impact Colorado Car Accidents

Determining accident liability in a side impact car crash will depend on the circumstances of your case. If you were seriously injured after being t-boned, seek legal counsel immediately.

A Denver personal injury attorney may be able to help determine accident liability. In addition, an attorney can assist with collecting the evidence that will be necessary in your case.

Accident Liability in a Side Impact Car Accident

A side impact car accident is especially dangerous if it hits the driver’s side. But it can be just as catastrophic if there is a passenger and it hits their side. For any catastrophic accident, or any accident where you or a loved one is injured, contact a Colorado, Denver personal injury attorney to file a claim.

These types of accidents are often caused by a violation of traffic laws. For instance, a driver may run a red light or fail to yield the right-of way. Either driver could potentially be found at fault.

Pulling out from a parking lot or driveway without looking can result in a side impact accident. So can making a turn without checking for another vehicle, especially those involving left-hand turns.

Accidents of this type often result in severe or fatal injuries. There is little protection between the car that hits and the one a victim is riding in. The impact can be especially severe when either one of the vehicles is traveling at a high rate of speed.

Liability may be determined a number of ways. The driver may admit they were at fault. However this isn’t usually the case, so you will need evidence to prove the other party was at fault.

Some of the types of evidence that can be helpful in proving accident liability after a side impact crash include:

  • copy of the accident report;
  • testimony from witnesses;
  • cameras installed at intersections; and
  • photographs of the accident scene/damaged vehicles.

An attorney may even call upon an accident reconstruction expert, especially if the crash resulted in catastrophic injuries. You will also need evidence that shows the injuries you have suffered, such as medical reports and copies of x-rays.

Damages and Accident Liability from a Side Impact Accident

The damages you may be entitled to pursue will depend on the severity and extent of your injuries. When a vehicle is t-boned it oftentimes results in multiple fractures, head trauma, brain damage, back and neck injuries.

You may be permanently disabled as a result of your accident. Compensation could be available for the medical expenses you have incurred and the wages you have been without.

If you are facing future medical treatment, the cost for that may be included, along with future earnings that you may lose. If your accident resulted in permanent disability, damages for your earning potential may be available.

Denver Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Recoup Damages in Colorado

In addition, damages can include pain and suffering, mental anguish, reduced quality of life, and more. Bodily and psychological injuries may be addressed through a claim.

To learn about your legal options and the types of compensation you may be entitled to, contact a Denver personal injury attorney. In addition, an attorney will also work hard to establish the other party’s fault.

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