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ABC's of Personal Injury

Posted by attorney John Castro

First Steps

It is often said that “time is money" and this is certainly true in personal injury cases. Whether you are the victim of a negligent driver or a hazardous condition that caused you to fall, what you do in the hours and days immediately after the incident can significantly alter both the handling of your case and its potential outcome.

Take, for example, the “typical" car accident. Most accidents involve two vehicles and their respective drivers. In the majority of these scenarios, the only witnesses to the crash are the drivers themselves. Of course, each driver’s version of events will be different. The police officer who arrives to investigate is only documenting what happened based on the statements he obtains from those involved. The drivers are given a report number and a full report usually follows several days later. It is clear to see the pitfalls which can arise given these circumstances.

Hiring an Attorney

The retaining of an attorney with experience in these types of cases is essential. In addition, it is imperative that an attorney begin working on your case as soon as possible. The attorney will be able to develop a clear picture of the course of events which led to the accident and also determine, based on statements of the parties, whether further analysis is needed of the crash scene. At the earliest possible stage, the attorney will be coordinating with both the client’s insurance company and the adverse driver’s insurance carrier if and when statements are to be given. It is important to note that, at the moment of the crash, both these insurance companies have teams of attorneys and adjusters protecting their interests.

In many accident cases, severe and permanent injuries result. It is the job of your attorney to maximize your recovery in order to make you whole. In addition to recouping the hard expenses of medical bills, your attorney will work closely with your doctors to gather all information to determine the extent of future damages. Your attorney will also assist with any pain and suffering and any past, present and future loss of enjoyment of life based on the injuries received. In addition, a claim can, in some cases, be pursued for any loss of wages in the past or any loss of future earning capacity. The earlier your attorney begins working on your case, the higher the likelihood that the full losses will be compensated.

What Next?

The first days immediately following the accident are crucial to the success of your claim. The clock is, in effect, ticking, and every day that goes by without adequate representation could seriously hinder your ability to be fully compensated. An effective personal injury attorney becomes a diligent advocate and a much needed liaison in unfamiliar territory. The attorney will be responsible for communicating with the insurance companies, as well as monitoring medical treatment and making sure the proper forms and procedures are followed in processing the claim.

Getting your life back on track

The final and most important role played by your attorney will be presenting your case properly to the insurance carrier. This is a two-step process. First, a complete and thorough gathering of all the records in the case must take place. Once all the records are collected, they must be presented in an effective way to maximize recovery. At this stage, working with the client is paramount. An attorney must be completely familiar with the facts of the case and the course of treatment in order to fully present the claim. At this point, the attorney must be working with the client during negotiations and help them to make crucial decisions to determine if a settlement or litigation is the best option.

The attorneys of Anton Castro Law are are dedicated to serving you and your needs during these very difficult times. Working together, we can ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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