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A Premise Liability Lawyer Can Help With Your Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

If you've been injured in a slip and fall accident on somebody else's property, you should contact a premise liability lawyer. This is the area of law in which they specialize and these accidents are much more serious than people tend to think. In fact, these are the types of accident that generally get characterized as being the types that lead to frivolous lawsuits. When you take a spill and end up breaking bones, causing serious injuries or even losing someone because of them falling onto a hard surface, there is nothing frivolous about it.

Assessing Damages

The first thing that your attorney will do is try to assess the amount of the real damages that you actually suffered. This will include your medical expenses, your pain and suffering and other expenses associated with the accident. In some cases, you might find yourself not being able to go to work for a very long time after having a slip and fall accident. Attorneys will take this into account and they will adjust the amount that you are seeking to accommodate this.


If you think that an unscrupulous property owner is going to hide something from an attorney who is representing a client who was injured in a slip and fall accident, you're wrong. These attorneys know how to figure out what happened and they know how to figure out whether or not something that contributed to the accident was an act of negligence. All too often, it was an act of negligence that did cause the accident.

Your attorney will have the resources necessary to investigate what happened and to determine who they need to go after. It may turn out that somebody other than who you initially thought is actually responsible for the accident.


If you're badly injured in a slip and fall, there is a chance that you'll be offered a settlement whether or not you even contacted an attorney. This is an example of the potential defendant in the case trying to avoid having to go to court and be assessed even larger amounts from a jury award because of the accident. Your attorney can help you negotiate a settlement. If a good settlement is offered, the attorney may well recommend that you take it, as it allows you to avoid court costs and the other stresses of going before a jury.

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