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A personal injury lawyer can get you maximum compensation

Posted by attorney Lewis Gazda

In the event you were involved in an accident where you were not at fault, you will need a Las Vegas personal injury attorney to assist you with suing the negligent party. If the accident is completely the fault of others, and you share no blame, you can sue for damages and compensation for the injuries you suffered. As tort law is infinitely complex, a layman has very little chance of successfully suing, you need the able assistance of a lawyer skilled in personal injury accident claims. The court may even disallow your claim if you attempt to represent yourself. This is a situation where you need a seasoned lawyer, someone who knows the law inside and out and knows how to pursue the claim so you can expect the maximum award.

Preparing the claim:

If the case is to genuinely prosper, then preparing a strong claim is of paramount importance. If you were to consider suing as an independent, you would have little or no chance at all of preparing a claim in such a way that a judge would be sympathetic or impressed. Many claims for personal injury never reach it to court; they are negotiated and settled outside the court by the litigants. The defendant will be represented by the lawyers of the insurance company, and they will attack your claim viciously. You will find that you can easily be badgered into accepting a settlement which is nowhere near what it should be. This is why Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Gazda & Tadayon are so important; they know exactly what must be done to maximize your claim, and they know how to do it. They have no fear of the opposing lawyer.

The negotiations:

Having a valid claim, carefully thought out and supported is one thing. Knowing how to negotiate an out-of-court settlement is something else again. Your lawyer must know how to negotiate with the opposing lawyers to get a settlement which favors you. When your lawyer shows his grit, and the opposing attorney realizes he is ready to do battle in court, the opposition will often offer to settle out of court. A lawyer who has a strong reputation of fighting hard for his client’s rights can often intimidate the opposition, the result being that you will get a favorable award.

When people think of personal injury, they tend to equate it to a vehicle accident. Many injuries are the result of vehicular accidents, but many are the result of negligence by the property owner or store that permits slippery substances to remain on the ground for unreasonable time periods, the employer who allows a faulty machine to be used. Medicine is also another area where negligence on the part of the practitioner or the facility is at fault.

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