Written by attorney Noah Howard Pines

A Guide to Expungement/Restriction in the State of Georgia

Every day I get calls from people asking how they can get a case “expunged” or “sealed” from their criminal history. I decided to write this guide to help answer those questions. Please understand that while I have tried to address the most frequent questions I get, this guide cannot cover every s

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I hope you find this guide useful and that it provides insight into the restriction process. As I have said many times, while the internet is a useful place to begin to do some research, it cannot replace having a consultation with an attorney to discuss the specific circumstances of your case. If you are going to set up a consultation with a lawyer, I suggest picking a lawyer who will provide you with a free consultation. I also suggest that you obtain a copy of your criminal history, again which can be obtained at most local law enforcement agencies, before the consultation. Good Luck.

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