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A Georgia "Work Permit" [Limited License] has Restrictions and May not Help You Rent Cars or Travel

If you are convicted of DUI, and are eligible for a work permit, there are restrictions on where and when you can drive. Georgia law has not made the permit flexible enough to accommodate grocery trips or church, nor completion of community service hours, nor going to and from probation visits. See the information about permitted "uses" below: Limited Driving Permits If you are suspended for a first mandatory conviction, a first DUI in 5 years (immediate eligibility after conviction) or a second DUI conviction within 5 years (delayed eligibility for drivers age 21 and over until passage of 12 full months, and only then, IF the driver complies with all other eligibility conditions), or a first points suspension or second points suspension, you may be eligible to apply for a limited permit. Limited Driving Permits may be obtained ONLY for: 1.Going to your place of employment or performing the normal duties of your occupation. 2.Not having a form of transportation to receive prescribed medical attention or obtaining prescribed drugs. 3.Attending classes at a college or other regularly scheduled school in which you are enrolled. 4.Attending a driver education, or assessment and treatment program court ordered. 5.To and from Ignition Interlock Centers. The Department of Driver Services may specify specific places you may travel to, specific routes of travel, times of travel, specific vehicles or other restrictions the Department may deem necessary. A limited permit will be non-renewable and will become invalid on the expiration date of the permit.

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A limited driving permit --- for a first DUI offender within 5 years --- is only good (for most practical purposes) to allow you to go to and from work for the 120 days (or longer, if you have not gotten fully reinstated after 120 days). A GA driver, age 21 or over, who has a first DUI conviction in 5 years (date-of-conviction to date-of-conviction) is immediately eligible for the work permit (limited permit).

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