Written by attorney James Morris Balagia

A Citizen Speaks Out - DWI Laws Out of Control

This is one of the problems with special interest groups (MADD) getting emotional control of the prostitutes in the legislature. This editorial was written while the Arizona legislature was considering some really drastic measures to clamp down on DWI offenders in that state. Alcohol and drug abuse have never been controlled by these types of measures. Education and treatment are the only things that have ever worked to help people get a grip on addiction issues. The preceding italicized words were written by a fellow DWI attorney from Arizona that sees the madness of this draconian justice. This is just an example of what is happening all over our country today. And this was in 2007! Finally, a voice of reason. Our legislature is in the process of providing some of us with assured prosperity. Any DUI with a BAC of .150 or more (and a newly created crime so we could have 4 counts of DUI) if .20 or above is going to trial because there will be no suspended sentence in liue of treatment option. This will, in my opinion, clog the courts because there will be no incentive for a plea (and trust me the vast majority of DUI's are pled out by imposter defenders and the like). What's next on DUI? Death penalty? Regarding a 30-day mandatory jail time for people convicted of driving under the influence and those people who are saying it isn't enough time: Why should we treat drunk drivers that haven't killed someone as if they have? If you kill someone while driving drunk, then you should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and spend a lot of time in prison. If you were just driving drunk, why should your life get completely screwed over for a mistake? I got a DUI a year ago in Seattle. When the judge found out I was from Arizona, he told me "to be lucky I got my DUI there rather than in Arizona." Not all drunk drivers are alcoholics. In Seattle, they send you to evaluators to determine whether or not you are an alcoholic in need of treatment. If you are not deemed an alcoholic, you are required to attend two eight-hour alcohol classes. If you are deemed an alcoholic, you have to go to Alcoholics Anonymous for however long they recommend. After spending $6,000 on that DUI, I have not driven drunk. You don't have to completely mess up someone's life over to get him or her to stop driving drunk. People just jump all over any new legislation that makes tougher laws on DUIs, no matter how tough the laws are. What? Are we going to have life sentences and the death penalty for DUIs pretty soon? - Luke Frost, Scottsdale

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