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$8 Million Settlement For Injured Walmart Workers In Colorado Workers Compensation Case

A case that was brought against Walmart by injured workers in 2009 was recently settled when a federal judge gave final approval of the settlement agreement in March of 2012.

Injured Walmart workers brought the case against Walmart and its providers in March of 2009, making the claim that all three of the parties named in the suit, Walmart, Claims Management Inc., and Concentra Heath Services, made it difficult for medical providers to make independent assessments on what would be the best way to treat the injured workers. The state law prohibits outside interference in determining care, and the workers felt like they were not receiving unbiased medical treatment. That claim was contested by the defendants and they fought the case for three years before the judge finally approved the settlement in 2012.

The settlement states that Walmart Stores and its adjustor, Claims Management Inc., must pay $4 million and the insurer of Concentra Health Services in Colorado must pay $4 million as well. Injured workers treated at the Concentra Health facility will each receive $520 each, while those treated at other facilities will receive $50 each. Walmart, Concentra, and CMI have all agreed to provide more training to adjustors who will be handling workers' compensation cases, and Concentra will provide more training for its sales and marketing force at periodic intervals as to the state laws that regulate and prohibit interference in how care is provided. If you have experienced difficulties in receiving care following a workers compensation injury, contact a workers compensation attorney immediately. Workers compensation attorneys are there to help make sure that you get the care and the compensation you deserve when you are injured on the job. Employers and their insurance will sometimes try to influence the diagnosis that you receive so that it is more favorable to them so they will not have to pay for medical treatment or further compensation. If you feel that the care that you received from your employer's medical provider is biased in some way or will negatively impact your workers compensation claim, you have the right to seek medical treatment from someone of your choosing.

How a Workers Compensation Attorney Can Help

It is in the best interests of your case to contact a workers' compensation attorney as soon as you are injured on the job. Having a workers compensation attorney by your side can make your case go much more smoothly as they have experience dealing with employers and their insurance companies and can guide you through the process. You should also immediately report the injury to your employer, following your injury, and make sure to document the process. In addition to medical treatment, if your injury prevents you from returning to work for a period of time, you are also entitled to lost wages. If you feel like you have been mistreated after becoming injured at work, contact a workers compensation attorney who can assess your case, advise you on how best to proceed and will help to get you the best treatment and compensation.

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