Written by attorney Brandon Anthony Bledsoe

50/50 Possession and Child Support in Texas

Fifty-fifty possession does not always mean that neither party will pay child support.

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In light of the fact that this is the most likely outcome in court, it has also become a common outcome in mediation. The mediators are starting to consider what the court would likely order in this respect. Split custody: in more rare occurrences, the court will split possession of the children, giving primary possession of one child to one parent, and primary possession of another child to the other parent. This will usually also result in offset support as discussed above. If the prospect of not paying child support is motivating or incentivizing you to seek a 50/50 possession schedule, then you should consider the likely possibility that, if you are successful in obtaining 50/50 possession, you may still owe support. Likewise, if you do not want 50/50 because you do not want to lose child support, you may still receive child support if you end up with 50/50 possession of the children. Child support can be very complex, and the calculations may depend on the unique facts of each case. If you need advice regarding child support, please set up a free 30-minute consult and retain our office to help you.

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