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5 Websites Every Consumer Must Visit

5 Websites Every Consumer Must Visit

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Finding good, solid, reliable information on the Internet is tough. There are thousands of websites, blogs, and videos out there, all claiming to be the authority on dealing with debt. The information you relay on in dealing with your debt problems can have lasting consequences – both good and bad (and some downright disastrous!). So how do you know where to turn?

I have been working as an attorney in fields related to debt (bankruptcy, collections, etc.) for about a decade. And during that time I have come across some websites with information that you can take to the bank. If your goal is to get educated with rock solid information, here are 5 websites you must visit:

#1 – Bankruptcy Law Network

This website is really a blog authored by numerous contributing bankruptcy attorneys from around the country. There are over five years worth of articles on bankruptcy and the bankruptcy process. If you are in a situation where you may need to file for bankruptcy, check this site out. There is sound information on almost every aspect and topic imaginable in the area of bankruptcy.

#2 - FDCPA - Barry, Slade & Wheaton, LLC

This is attorney Pete Barry’s website. I once heard Mr. Barry speak at a convention of about 5,000 bankruptcy lawyers. The panel he was sitting on were debating whether lawyers should send an initial demand letter to creditors who are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). After the other attorneys discussed the virtues of sending a “warning" letter to the creditors they asked Pete what he thought. His response was classic. He said “I send letters to my grandmother, I sue debt collectors!"

His website contains a ton of information on the FDCPA and what you can do to stop aggressive debt collectors.

#3 – Consumer Help Central

Consumer protection lawyer Jay Fleischman is the author of Consumer Help Central. This blog is full of useful information on topics ranging from credit report errors, debt collection abuse, student loans, and even bankruptcy. Jay is not only the brains behind this site, he is the co-founder of the Bankruptcy Law Network. No matter the site, if Jay is involved you know it is full of information that will help you make smart decisions on how to deal with your debt problems.

#4 – National Association of Consumer Advocates

The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is a nationwide organization of more than 1,500 consumer attorneys. While some of this website is geared towards attorneys, it also has large amounts of information dedicated to educating consumers on issues like auto issues (lemon law, repossession), predatory lending, credit card issues, consumers in the military, and other debt collection issues. Not only can you educate yourself on these consumer issues, but if you need a consumer attorney it has an attorney locator feature that can help you find a consumer attorney in your neck of the woods.

#5 – Bankruptcy in Brief

Bankruptcy in Brief is comprehensive resource on bankruptcy law. It is written in a non technical manner with the goal of helping consumers understand the bankruptcy process. This site is not only immensely popular (over 1,000,000 visitors last year alone!), but is written by highly respected bankruptcy lawyer Cathy Moran. Cathy is a certified bankruptcy specialist in California and been practicing bankruptcy law for over 30 years. If you have a question on the bankruptcy process, Bankruptcy in Brief will have an answer.

So there they are. My top 5 consumer websites. If you need information on how to deal with your debt problems, those are reliable sources. In addition to this Consumer Warrior blog, I write a bankruptcy blog associated with my bankruptcy practice in Arizona. I didn’t add my site to the top 5 (it might have come off a little presumptuous), but if you want to check it out there are over a hundred articles on bankruptcy and debt collection lawsuits that are chock-full of information that can help you navigate the deep waters of debt collection and bankruptcy. You can access it here at Skiba Law Group, PLC.

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