Written by attorney Frederick James Weil

5 Ways that we Explode the Myth of Nevada Corporation for California Residents

Rarely is it truly advantageous to Form a Nevada unless you are operating a business in Nevada. Instead there are big disadvantages. Don't be mislead by Radio Ads! You are usually being sold.

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This guide is not intended to be legal advise or a comprehensive treatment of the issue. It is instead intended to make unsuspecting consumers stop and think before listening to radio ads or snake oil salesmen offering proposals that sound too good to be true. There are certain instances where a Nevada Corporation is indicated, the primary reason is that you are actually operating a business that is based in Nevada. But the message of this article is that you should not form a Nevada Corporation without first consulting with competent legal and tax advisors. Your source of information should be a good advisor. You should save money in the long run.

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