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5 tips to avoid jail time for DUI

Posted by attorney Randy Collins

If you’ve been arrested, court proceedings and being interrogated by an officer may feel intimidating – even if you’re innocent. It’s your right to ask for an attorney, who can work on the case for alternative sentencing and ultimately avoid jail time. Here are a few ways that this can be accomplished:

  • Plea Bargains – in the case of DUI for instance, defendants will know the penalties even before acknowledging guilt. Plea bargains for DUI can include wet and reckless driving, dry reckless driving, and exhibition of speed, and several others that will most likely not include jail time.

  • School – such as DUI school or drug education program. Defendants will need to pay the fees for these and also provide proof that these classes were completed as scheduled.

  • Rehab – in the case of drug possession for personal use only, a skilled attorney can make a case against going to prison for drug addicts. It’s important to note that the type of drugs abused plays a role in the eligibility for these programs. Lawyers can evaluate the entire case or profile to determine qualification into a drug diversion program.

  • Community Service – this is used as an alternative sentence for several types of crimes, including DUI, assault, domestic violence and several others.

  • Electronic Monitoring – this is often used in cases of domestic violence or DUI wherein defendants are often confined to going to work, school, groceries or home. If these boundaries are disregarded an arrest will be made and initial sentencing regained.

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