Written by attorney Christopher Nuneviller

5 Things you MUST Know BEFORE Responding to a Letter of Reprimand

This guide is written to provide you things to think about before you respond to a letter or reprimand issued by the General or Flag Officer.

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It is absolutely crucial that you have help preparing your response to the issuance of a reprimand. The costs to your career are monumental. In many cases, the filing of a reprimand in your official personnel file requires the initiation of an administrative separation or “show cause” board. This can be good and bad. As a member of the Armed Forces you are afforded an opportunity to consult, for free, with military legal assistance attorneys. While these attorneys are extraordinarily competent, they are also extraordinarily overworked. Their standard is “legally sufficient” not “the best damn thing you can produce.” I recommend you seek the best civilian counsel you can afford to increase your chances of having that reprimand thrown out or filed in the “restricted” portion of your official personnel file.

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